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The story behind INC Financial

What's in the name.

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The INC Wealth Strategy is a family and multi-generational system. I wanted to reflect this aspect in the name of the company. That’s how INC Financial was formed. The INC really stands for Isabelle and Charlotte, my two daughters. Get it? I and C?

Josh Taylor

INC is also a play on the word Incorporation. The INC Wealth Strategy emulates how large corporations and banks manage their finances, and how they translate them into practical solutions for individuals, small, and medium sized businesses.

  • Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    After graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham at the top of his class, Josh began working with a global manufacturing consulting company based in Germany. He then came back to Alabama as Vice President of Operations for a manufacturing company outside Birmingham. After seeing the effect the economic downturn in 2008 had on individuals and companies, Josh was introduced to the the foundation of what was to become the INC Wealth Strategy. Josh brings his knowledge of efficiency and continuous improvement to INC Financial and you. Josh is married with two daughters, lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Paul Gamble

    Paul Gamble

    Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Paul played college golf at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. After graduating, Paul became a professional golfer and was the head golf pro at Bent Brook Golf Club just outside Birmingham. Paul decided to combine his love of teaching with his personal experience practicing the INC Wealth Strategy and joined the INC Financial team in 2012. Paul is married with one son, lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Andy Echols

    Andy Echols

    As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and the owner of AE Accounting and Consulting, Andy brings a wealth of finance and tax knowledge and experience to INC Financial. He began his professional accounting career in 2000 and has worked with local and national Big 4 accounting firms as well as gaining experience as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company. He has worked with a wide venue of small businesses and individuals handling small business accounting, business valuations and tax preparation. Realizing that individuals, small, medium and large companies need to know how and why to implement the INC Wealth Strategy, Andy joined forces with the INC Financial team in 2013. Andy is a native of Vestavia and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Story

Infinite Made Simple (IMS) was founded in 2011 and was rebranded as INC Financial in 2014. Josh had been working with a wealth management firm where he got his introduction to the idea of using whole life insurance as a banking system and a source of tax-free retirement income, which he now refers to as the INC Wealth Strategy, before leaving to start what is now INC Financial. During those years his primary focus was, and still is, the INC Wealth Strategy.

Many people around the country teach the INC Wealth Strategy which is sometimes referred to as Infinite Banking, Bank on Yourself, Private Family Financing, The Circle of Wealth or a host of other names. Usually these methods of introducing the concept are time consuming and can be confusing. In some cases you may be asked to sit through a 10-hour seminar and read a book that can take 4 hours to read. After all this time and effort the concept often has to be explained further.

Josh recognized that many people who could benefit from the concept were not wanting to invest so much time and effort into something that may still be confusing and were missing out on the power of the INC Wealth Strategy. So he devised a method of introducing the concept and wrote a book which is simple, clear and concise. While Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlocking the Infinite Banking Concept, is the foundation of the concept and is highly recommended by INC Financial, the first thing you should do is sit down with us for 30 minutes.


"INC Financial: Wealth...Create it. Grow it. Keep it." details how and why you should be using whole life insurance as a private financing tool, a source of tax-free retirement income and a way to create generational wealth without putting your money at risk in the stock market. The book teaches you to finance your own car, home and business through the cash value in your life insurance policy.

INC Financial Book